Chris Paul has signed a new deal with the San Antonio Spurs after a one-year stint with the Golden State Warriors.

The Spurs have signed the 12-time All-Star guard to a fully guaranteed one-year contract worth $12.03 million, with $10.46 million guaranteed and additional potential bonuses.

In San Antonio, he will team up with the Rookie of the Year, Victor Wembanyama. Paul was asked how the Rookie of the Year’s presence impacted his decision to join the Spurs.

“That definitely helps, that definitely didn’t hurt. But also knowing the pedigree that this organization has,” Paul said during his introductory press conference.

Paul emphasized the Spurs’ esteemed reputation in the league, particularly their coaching staff and front office.

“Everything around it from coaches to front office. Like I said, I played for a number of teams now and Pop and the Spurs definitely probably got the deepest tree in the league. When I say the tree, everybody sort of branches off from here and ends up better,” Paul noted.

Paul highlighted the unique talent and impact of Wembanyama, whom he played against last season.

“And then having a young team and getting a chance to watch him, like, I played against him this season and I tell you there’s probably no player in the league that everybody in the league talks about after the game like him because everybody has to adjust stuff,” Paul explained.

Paul and fellow Spurs newcomer Harrison Barnes discussed the excitement of playing with Wembanyama at this stage in their careers.

“Me and Harrison [Barnes] were on our flight yesterday just talking about how cool it’s going to be at this point in our careers to get a chance to appreciate him day in and day out. So that definitely helped to that extent,” Paul added.