Photo: Peter Baba

Chicago Bulls point guard Lonzo Ball recently lauded LeBron James and former NBA player Rajon Rondo as two of the smartest basketball minds he has encountered.

According to Ball, both James and Rondo exhibit an exceptional understanding of the game, evident in their discussions and analysis during team travels.

“Bron and Rondo are probably the two smartest basketball minds I’ve been a part of,” Ball remarked on The WAE Show, via HoopsHype.

Reflecting on James, Ball highlighted his meticulous approach to film study, noting the four-time champion’s ability to dissect game details down to the smallest nuances.

“He watches film and breaks it down to a T, like everything,” Ball said, illustrating James’ thorough preparation and strategic insights.

Ball also credited Rondo for his significant role in the Lakers’ championship-winning team during the NBA bubble season, attributing Rondo’s basketball IQ as pivotal to their success.

“He can tell you somebody’s shoes are untied on the free-throw line type,” Ball added.