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Here’s new Detroit Pistons President of Basketball Operations Trajan Langdon on what the team will do to improve from three-point land/make things easier for Cade Cunningham.

(via Detroit Pistons):

Mike Stone: “On the floor, how do you change this team from one of the poorest shooting three-point teams in the league to the way the league is now where you need athletic wings and guys who can shoot? And the other question is about Cade Cunningham. He’s obviously the highest profile player on this team, your impressions of him and is he someone that can be the cornerstone of a championship franchise?”

Langdon: “I’ll answer your first question. I think spacing always helps. I think players who can shoot the ball help. So, that’s what we’re obviously gonna attack. So I think if you have those two things on the floor as well as guys that understand the game, it’s going to really cut down on turnovers and you’re gonna shoot the ball better… You’re gonna get better looks. You gotta have people that make the right decisions, the easy decisions, and play well together. So obviously, Pistons first mentality and being unselfish. I think all those things will impact the way we play the game, you’ll see our turnover rate go down, and hopefully with the help of our new shooting coach Fred Vinson, our three-point percentage go up. So we’re gonna get to work on that right away, but that’s kinda the roster that we envision kinda putting together. As for Cade, he and I have had some really good conversations thus far… High character human being, mature beyond his years, and I think a big time basketball player at a young age. Obviously, averaging 23 & 7, 8 assists last year. We’re hoping to put a group around him that can bolster his growth, but not make it as hard for him to do the things that he had to do this last year, but also help him impact and help other players get better. So not having him work so hard, but have other players help him so he can help the other players as well, because he is an unselfish player who I do think has a chance to really be impactful at a high level and be the best player. In terms of a championship level… Who knows. I really, really hope so, but we’re not gonna start talking about championships. That’s a long ways away, we need to start talking about foundational growth.”