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Caitlin Clark’s rise to stardom in the WNBA has captured the sports world’s attention in her first month, but not everyone in the league is welcoming her.

The Indiana Fever guard has faced hostility, racism, and aggressive fouls, yet has mostly steered clear of controversy, even when provoked before a game against the Atlanta Dream.

Former Yankees pitcher David Wells, a World Series champion, has been watching Clark’s games and compared her popularity to Michael Jordan’s early days in the NBA.

Wells, preparing for the American Century Championship celebrity golf tournament, told Fox News Digital that Clark will encounter jealous colleagues and needs to develop a “thick skin.”

“That’s my advice to Caitlin: get thick skin and push back,” the former MLB star said. “Nobody wants to be pushed around, but they’re flagrant, you can’t really do anything about it. That’s the discrepancy of the referee to do that. But it looks bad on the other person. She’s always taking the high road, which is tip your cap.

“She’s taking the high road, killing them with kindness. And that to me, you see when people do that, it really p—es the other person off because they want a reaction out of them. It’s going to happen eventually; someone’s going to cheap-shot her, and she’s going to turn around and deck them.”