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Agent Rich Paul has revealed his pre-draft strategy for Bronny James, who reportedly declined all workout offers from NBA teams except the Los Angeles Lakers and Phoenix Suns.

Paul emphasized that his approach with Bronny is consistent with his previous clients.

“I got the word out early to teams that if you plan on bringing Bronny in, here’s what you need to know: If you won’t give him a real deal, there’s nothing to talk about,” Paul told Jonathan Givony of ESPN.

He stressed that real development is hard to achieve on a two-way deal.

“I don’t care about him going to the Lakers, or Phoenix, or about what number he gets picked. It’s about fit,” Paul added.

Paul noted that he would follow the same strategy if Bronny were any other player.

“If Bronny’s name was Charles Jacobsen and he was my client, I would do the same thing: identify teams that have real interest.”

Paul clarified that LeBron James is not fixated on playing with his son.

“LeBron is off this idea of having to play with Bronny,” Paul told ESPN. “If he does, he does. But if he doesn’t, he doesn’t.”

Paul dismissed the notion that LeBron’s future is tied to Bronny’s draft.

“There’s no deal made that it’s guaranteed that if the Lakers draft Bronny at 55, he [LeBron] will re-sign. If that was the case, I would force them to take him at 17.”

Paul also mentioned that LeBron would not join Phoenix for a minimum deal amid rumors linking him with the Suns.

“There are other teams that love Bronny. For example, Minnesota, Dallas, Toronto,” Paul explained.

He highlighted that Bronny has strong connections with teams beyond the Lakers and Suns.

“Minnesota would love to get Bronny in, but I don’t know who their owner is going to be,” Paul stated. “[Mavs GM] Nico Harrison is like an uncle to Bronny.”

Paul mentioned that if the Lakers pass on Bronny, other teams would be ready to draft him.

“If the Lakers don’t take him at 55, Dallas would take him at 58 and give him a guaranteed deal. Masai [Ujiri, Raptors president,] loves him. They could take him without even seeing him at 31.”

Paul concluded by downplaying the importance of pre-draft workouts for Bronny.

“Workouts aren’t everything for these teams,” he said.