Former NBA star Chris Webber recently praised LeBron James as the best team player in sports.

During an appearance on the Green Light with Chris Long podcast, Webber recalled playing against James in 2007 while with the Detroit Pistons.

Webber described the 2007 Pistons locker room as the best he had been in due to its experienced veterans and championship winners.

He shared a specific memory of Rasheed Wallace wanting to change defensive assignments before a game against LeBron.

“We were trying to change the matchups during the game,” Webber said, noting that the coach wasn’t on board with the plan.

Webber marveled at LeBron’s performance, particularly his ability to attack the paint with force and hit difficult shots.

“LeBron is a grown man. The way he was attacking the paint with force then and the fact he hit those crazy shots, that was something that I hadn’t seen up until that time,” Webber remarked.

He emphasized LeBron’s unique skill of involving teammates while still being able to dominate as the alpha player.

“[LeBron] is the best team player in sports because he gets everyone involved, even though he can be the alpha at any time,” Webber stated.

Webber admired LeBron’s adherence to playing the game the right way, balancing his scoring with facilitating for others.

“Him playing the right way and getting 25 in a row and getting other guys involved – that doesn’t do anything but just frustrate you and piss you off because you realize it’s just his time, it’s just his night,” Webber added.