NBA insider Brian Windhorst criticized Luka Doncic’s decision-making after the Dallas Mavericks’ Game 3 loss against the Boston Celtics, putting the Mavericks on the brink of a sweep in the NBA Finals.

Doncic, who scored 27 points in Game 3, fouled out with four minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, leaving the Mavericks trailing by just three points.

Windhorst highlighted Doncic’s repeated focus on officiating and poor defensive play throughout the series.

The NBA analyst referenced a past incident during the FIBA World Cup where Doncic’s behavior on the court was questioned.

“Last summer I was in Manilla in the Philippines for the FIBA World Cup and Luka was playing for Slovenia, which is extremely important to him,” Windhorst said on SportsCenter. “They had a great run in the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo, almost won a medal.

“Trying to qualify against Canada [in the World Cup], and Luka completely lost his cool in that game, elimination game for Slovenia, very important. He is screaming at the officials, he is screaming at the Secretary General of FIBA at half court during the game and he gets ejected. And when the game ends, he’s in the locker room.”

Windhorst pointed out Doncic’s tendency to lose focus on the game and engage with officials, suggesting it’s a recurring issue.

“So here we are tonight in this vitally important game and here’s Luka again being more focused on the officials than he is on his team,” he continued. “He fouled out of this game with four minutes left. He’s upset about the fifth and sixth foul. He had two fouls in this game that were 80 feet from the basket.

“He probably could have been called for three or four technical fouls if I’m being honest and possibly even more in this game. The officials gave him wide latitude. He is blown by repeatedly defensively over and over.

“And I realize he’s dealing with injuries, but he’s blown by repeatedly over and over through this series. Boston is totally attacking him on defense.”

Despite Doncic’s talents, Windhorst emphasized the importance of improving decision-making and leadership on the court.

“And with five fouls that’s when he decides to try to draw a charge with four minutes left to go in a tight game. Just very poor decision-making from an awesome player. It is repeatedly happening,” he said.

Windhorst expressed concern over Doncic’s ability to elevate his game and lead the Mavericks to success, stating, “At some point, I do believe Luka is going to win a championship, he will raise a banner here in Dallas, but he is going to have to get past this issue that is dragging him down.”

The NBA insider recalled witnessing similar behavior from Doncic in past games, both internationally and in the current NBA Finals.

Windhorst questioned how many more times Doncic would repeat similar mistakes before understanding the importance of leadership and focus.

“He does almost everything else so well,” he said. “His teammates have begged him, his coaches have begged him, his countrymen have begged him and he’s jut not getting over the hump. I saw it happen last summer, I saw it happen here tonight.

“I wonder how many more times we’re going to see it happen before Luka understands what it means to graduate to the next level and show leadership because he just wasn’t able to do it tonight.”