Former NBA star Vince Carter recently shared a touching moment that helped him come to terms with retirement, shedding light on a conversation he had with the late Kobe Bryant.

In an interview with Taylor Rooks, Carter revealed his struggle with the concept of retirement, particularly with the word itself.

“My last year I did announce that it was my last year. I didn’t announce that I was retiring because I struggled with the word ‘retiring’,” Carter said.

During a game against the Brooklyn Nets, Carter had the opportunity to speak with Bryant, who was known for his intense dedication to the game.

“We play the Nets in Brooklyn, Kobe and Gigi are at that game… Knowing Kobe and his approach and how he was, how he approached the game. He didn’t have a lot of friends and he didn’t care,” Carter shared.

Despite Bryant’s reputation for being fiercely competitive and solitary, Carter was struck by his warmth and sincerity during their conversation.

Bryant shared his perspective on retirement, describing it as a positive and fulfilling experience that allowed him to focus on coaching his daughter, Gianna.

“I asked him about that word. How is it? He said, ‘Man, it is the greatest thing ever, it’s the best feeling. You’re gonna enjoy it. This side is not that bad because I get a chance now to coach my daughter, be there for her,’” Carter recalled.

Inspired by Bryant’s words, Carter found solace in the idea of retirement and embraced the transition with a newfound sense of peace.

“If Kobe Bryant, who we all know him to be an a-hole and the degenerate of this game, can say that to me, I can say I’m retiring,” Carter stated.

Tragically, Bryant passed away just weeks after their conversation, leaving Carter with a profound appreciation for their final exchange.

Reflecting on their interaction, Carter acknowledged the impact that Bryant’s wisdom and perspective had on his own journey.

“From that day forward he and that conversation gave me the opportunity. Lo and behold the last thing we talked about he said ‘Hey, we’ll get together and have a conversation about it, we’ll talk more about.’ And in January he passed, it was a couple of weeks later, it was on my birthday,” Carter said.