Photo: Peter Baba

Rival teams see Victor Wembanyama’s impressive rookie season and his potential for greatness, leading them to believe that the San Antonio Spurs could establish a dynasty around him in the coming years.

“The Spurs are coming because of Victor,” said Adrian Wojnarowski. “I had a GM, slash, president of one of the teams who is very much in the mix for a championship right now who said to me a couple weeks ago, ‘We better all get our winning out of the way fast. We better get our winning done fast. Because once that kid has anybody around him, he’s going to win everything all the time.”

The strategy the Spurs will employ to build around Wembanyama and the timeline for implementing it remains uncertain.

“They want to improve the point guard position,” said Wojnarowski. “They can go out in the trade market and get a solid veteran point guard who can kind of bridge them for a couple of years. They have so many picks. Maybe they find a point guard in this draft. [Rob] Dillingham from Kentucky or Reed Sheppard.

“Next year’s draft is loaded. They could have as many as four lottery picks. I don’t think they’re going all-in on some veteran who makes $40 million or $50 million… They have to put pieces around him. He’s going to dominate this league in ways, I think on both ends of the floor, unlike we’ve seen.”