Dallas Mavericks’ Daniel Gafford has heaped praise on teammate Luka Doncic, declaring him as the NBA’s MVP in a recent statement.

Gafford’s admiration for Doncic comes after the Slovenian sensation’s stellar performance, where he dropped 41 points in a victory over the Phoenix Suns.

Expressing his awe, Gafford lauded Doncic’s exceptional abilities, emphasizing how witnessing Doncic and Kyrie Irving dominate the court leaves him in sheer amazement.

“To me, he’s the MVP,” Gafford said about Doncic, per Tim MacMahon. “Seeing the things he does and Kyrie does, I’m just amazed. It’s like I’m a kid of the candy store because I’m seeing two great players just go out and dominate.”

Doncic’s remarkable season statistics further underscore his MVP candidacy, with the Slovenian averaging an outstanding 34.3 points, 8.8 rebounds, and 9.6 assists per game.