Photo: Indiana Pacers/X

Indiana Pacers point guard Tyrese Haliburton says that the group is focused on making the playoffs, but aren’t worried about possible matchups.

(via Indiana Pacers):

Reporter: “The standings are posted over there on the wall, are you somebody that peeks at that? Maybe after a game, looks at the scoreboard? How do you approach stuff like that?”

Haliburton: “I’m the one who made them start updating the standings on the wall. I think that was from the old coaching staff and we didn’t really use that when I got here and didn’t use it last year, but we made an emphasis that we wanted it updated on a daily basis. Obviously people weren’t really looking at it through the start of the year, but your eyes are a little more attached to it now. I think that’s just a good constant reminder of when you’re in here, seeing what your goals are, and seeing how far back you are. I think that that’s good for us to be able to see, and truthfully, it’s not something we talk about. We don’t talk about it as a team. We don’t talk about it on the plane. We don’t talk about it on the bus. We don’t talk about it in the locker room. We don’t really care. We want to be in the playoffs, we know that, but we’re not just talking about, ‘Oh, if this happens and this happens, we can play them, we can play them.’ We really don’t care who we play. We have faith that we can beat anybody in the league, we just gotta get to the playoffs and be able to have the chance to prove that.”