Photo: FIBA WC/Twitter

Dennis Schroder has experienced frequent team changes in recent NBA seasons. However, he is now aiming for stability with the Brooklyn Nets. Schroder’s contract for next season is valued at just over $13 million, but amidst the Nets’ rebuilding phase, trade rumors are likely to swirl around him.

“Of course. I always want to be stationed somewhere where people show me appreciation,” Schroder told The New York Post about wanting to stay in Brooklyn. “And I felt that from the first day – people reaching out to my family, to my wife, to my mom. That shows, OK, they really [want me]. And the playing style, as well, I like. They trust me, in what I am capable of. And of course I want to stay.

“I know the business side of it as well. So, I’m not taking anything emotional or personal. I know how it is. But at the end of the day, of course I want to stay here. I met Joe [Tsai], the owner, his wife, his kid. And of course I want to build something special here. Everything they say, I’m preaching the same thing. And I’m the same player that they’re looking for, and it would be great to stay, for sure.”