Following a thrilling clash that saw the Los Angeles Lakers orchestrate a stunning comeback to defeat the Milwaukee Bucks 128-124 in double overtime, Bucks head coach Doc Rivers addressed his team’s performance.

Despite holding a commanding lead and facing a Lakers squad without LeBron James, the Bucks faltered in the second half, allowing Los Angeles to mount an impressive comeback.

Rivers highlighted the pivotal moments in the game, noting the Lakers’ intensity in the third quarter as a turning point that shifted the momentum in their favor.

In his post-game remarks, Rivers stated, “I just never thought we reached the intensity level that we had for the first half.” He continued, “You have a team down, I think it was 18 right? You have a chance to take that into the third and we didn’t do that.”

Reflecting on the loss, Rivers emphasized the importance of trust in the team’s passing game and the need to learn from their mistakes.

While the defeat serves as a valuable lesson for the Bucks, Rivers expressed confidence that the team would rebound and address the areas that contributed to their downfall.

Despite the setback, Milwaukee remains a formidable contender in the Eastern Conference, with Rivers poised to guide the team towards continued success.