Photo: NBA on ESPN/YouTube screenshot

Last summer, the NBA world was abuzz with James Harden’s trade request from the Philadelphia 76ers to the Los Angeles Clippers, a move that eventually materialized after months of speculation.

As Harden prepares to return to Philadelphia with the Clippers, the atmosphere is expected to be tense, with fans likely expressing their sentiments towards the former Sixers player.

However, Harden remains unperturbed by the looming visit, emphasizing that the team’s collective performance takes precedence over individual concerns.

“We have bigger problems than me worried about Philadelphia. We got bigger problems,” stated Harden in response to inquiries about the upcoming game, via Tomer Azarly.

Despite the anticipation surrounding his return to Philadelphia, Harden’s focus remains fixed on addressing the Clippers’ recent struggles on the court.

Sitting fifth in the competitive Western Conference, the Clippers have encountered difficulties, losing six of their last nine games, including a defeat against the 76ers on their home court.