Photo: Paul Pierce/Twitter

In the “Ticket & The Truth” podcast, Paul Pierce expressed skepticism about the New York Knicks’ true potential. Pierce, along with Kevin Garnett, discussed the team’s playoff prospects, with Pierce anticipating a challenging first-round exit.

He specifically pointed out that facing the Miami Heat or the Indiana Pacers could pose significant problems for the Knicks.

While Garnett was optimistic about the NBA’s overall support for the Knicks, highlighting key players like Jalen Brunson, the injured Julius Randle, and Bojan Bogdanovic, Pierce believed that the team needed more time for development and cohesion, suggesting they require an additional year for “seasoning” and better chemistry with their new additions.

“The Knicks is like an Instagram model,” Pierce said.

“I be on Instagram and I be like, ‘Damn she fine.’ Then you catch ‘em in person and you’re like… ‘This you?’ It’s too many filters.”

Garnett aimed to provide clarification regarding Pierce’s remarks.

“It’s two different things – reality vs. digital?” Garnett asked his former teammate. “So what am I watching on TV then?”

Pierce responded, “An Instagram model. They got that Fashion Nova on.”