In a nail-biting showdown, the New York Knicks narrowly edged past the Detroit Pistons with a 113-111 victory, but the game’s conclusion was marred by controversy as referees acknowledged a missed call in the final seconds.

The game-deciding sequence, which saw Josh Hart’s crucial layup, was shrouded in scrutiny due to disputed foul calls and turnovers.

According to a Pool Report interview conducted by Brian Mahoney with Crew Chief James Williams, the referees acknowledged a missed call when Donte DiVincenzo made contact with Ausar Thompson near halfcourt approximately eight seconds before the game’s conclusion.

Upon postgame review, the officials determined that Thompson had reached the ball first and was subsequently deprived of the opportunity to gain possession, warranting a loose ball foul on DiVincenzo.

The referees clarified that the defender’s left hand hitting the hand of Simone Fontecchio while it was on the ball constituted a legal defensive play, as per the rules, despite no foul being called in that instance.

It was emphasized that in situations where the ball is loose, players from both teams have an equal opportunity to secure it, and the determining factor is who reaches it first.