Photo: Washington Wizards/X

Washington Wizards guard Jordan Poole shouted-out interim head coach Brian Keefe after last night’s 114-105 home loss vs. the Cleveland Cavaliers (31 points/5 rebounds/5 assists/1 steal/11-21 FG/6-13 3-PT/3-3 FT).

(via Washington Wizards):

Reporter: “Despite the loss, you think a performance like this can help you re-establish a rhythm?”

Poole: “I would think so. I think it’s just a matter of figuring out ways to be on-ball and be more aggressive. I feel like that’s where I thrive the most. Earlier in the season, kind of the first half, I’ve been playing off-ball, not really my position. Just trying to find ways to adjust to that, be a team player. Whether that’s making a right play, trying to cover up for people on defense, or try to get out in transition, but I think I know where my strengths are. Shout-out to BK [Brian Keefe] for kind of helping me and putting me in that position to be on-ball and just find ways to continue to keep going. It really just takes one shot or one look personally for me to catch a rhythm, we’ve got a game in a couple days.”