Former New York Knicks star Kristaps Porzingis embraced the familiar chorus of boos from Knicks fans as he faced his former team while donning the Boston Celtics jersey.

Despite the reception, Porzingis expressed his enjoyment of the passionate reaction from the Madison Square Garden faithful, highlighting the intensified response since joining the Celtics.

“I enjoy it, to be honest,” Porzingis remarked, per Souichi Terada, reflecting on the heightened reception from Knicks fans. “They went down in my years in Washington. I was still getting booed. But they’ve ramped up a little bit, me being with the Celtics.”

Undeterred by the hostile atmosphere, Porzingis showcased his resilience on the court, contributing 22 points, along with four rebounds and four assists, as the Celtics secured a convincing 116-102 victory over the Knicks.