Photo: Orlando Magic/X

Orlando Magic guard Jalen Suggs discussed Paolo Banchero’s big time game-winning shot following last night’s 112-109 road win vs. the Detroit Pistons.

(via Orlando Magic):

Reporter: “Paolo probably not having his best game dealing with illness, just missed two free throws. For your group to have the confidence to go to him that moment, and for him to come through, just what does it say about him as a player and his character?”

Suggs: “That’s what great players do, and he’s a great player. All-Star for a reason, deserves all the love and accolades and everything that’s come his way. To come in here where some guys have sat post All-Star, he’s come out, he’s continued to play, he’s continued to be with us. Of course we’re going to have full faith, full trust in him whenever the game’s on the line. And time and time again, he continues to prove us right. So it’s fun playing with that guy, honestly.”