During this week’s episode of “Roommates with Jalen Brunson and Josh Hart” Presented by Playmaker HQ, Brunson shared an amusing anecdote about his dad’s heckling during the NBA Three-Point Contest.

Brunson reminisced about his performance during the competition, revealing how his dad’s humorous commentary added an unexpected twist to the experience.

As Brunson competed in the 3-Point Contest during the All-Star Weekend in Indianapolis, he found himself on the receiving end of some playful banter from his father.

Despite his best efforts, Brunson faced a series of missed shots during the contest, which prompted his dad to offer some lighthearted criticism from the sidelines.

“I heard some dude behind the bench, saying, ‘You effing bum!’ I was like ‘who just said that?’ It was my dad! He was like ‘Yo, with that bonus we could have finished my basement,” Brunson recalled with a laugh.