Following the Denver Nuggets’ dominant victory over the Washington Wizards, Nikola Jokic shared his thoughts on achieving a triple-double against every NBA team.

Jokic described the milestone as a significant moment in his career, emphasizing its potential impact on his legacy.

“I think it’s a nice, especially when I finish career, it’s going to be like legacy or something, so it’s like a milestone I’m going to say something like that. It’s a milestone,” he said.

With his 16th triple-double of the season, Jokic reaffirmed his status as one of the league’s premier all-around performers.

As the Nuggets gear up for the postseason, Jokic’s stellar play will be crucial to their success in the competitive Western Conference.

Having established himself as a frontrunner for the MVP award, Jokic’s contributions have been instrumental in the Nuggets’ pursuit of playoff contention.

With each triple-double, Jokic cements his place in NBA history as one of the most versatile and impactful players of his generation.