Boston Celtics star Jayson Tatum recounted his first meeting with iconic Celtics legend Larry Bird at this year’s NBA All-Star Game.

Amidst the record-breaking offensive showcase, which was won by the Eastern Conference stars, Tatum seized a rare opportunity to meet the basketball icon after nearly missing the chance to shake his hand pregame.

“He was in the locker room before the game – him, Adam Silver and Dr. J. – they were talking to us. Once they got done, I thought I was going to be able to shake his hand. I turned around and he was gone. I remember I was saying ‘I never met Larry Bird. I’ve never been in the same room as him.’ As crazy as that sounds, it’s never worked out,” Tatum said.

“So Taylor, our PR girl, saw him on the sidelines, she grabbed me, she said ‘He’s over there.’ And I got a chance to go meet him, tell him how much of an honor it was to meet him and he told me he was looking forward to meeting me, that was crazy to hear him say that,” he continued.

“He’s a lot taller than I thought he was. But obviously what he means to the game, what he means to the city of Boston, to the Celtics, and he’s the ultimate Celtic. So it was an honor to meet him.”