Photo: Milwaukee Bucks/X

Milwaukee Bucks head coach Doc Rivers wasn’t pleased with how his group came out during Thursday’s 113-110 road loss vs. the Memphis Grizzlies (3-7 record since taking over). 

(via House of Highlights):

Reporter: “Before the game you had mentioned how this can be a bit of a trap game, what’d you think of the guys’ effort tonight?”

Rivers: “I thought we were bad until we needed to be, you know what I mean? We started out the game I think we gifted like five threes in a row where we were standing there, just dare shots. Everybody in this league can play, you’ve got to respect everybody. One kid made three in a row, and we didn’t even adjust. So, that’s something. These losses… obviously you don’t want to lose games like this ever. Does that change the way I think about the team and where I think we… ? No, it doesn’t at all. I’ve got a lot of confidence in this group, but we’re going to have to make changes as far as how we want to play every night. And we ease into the game, that’s everybody. We need the guys that can play defense to be better defensively, and we need the guys who are learning to play defense to be solid in rotations and things like that. At the end of the game, we started playing hard and we got right back into the game.”