Photo: Charlotte Hornets/X

Charlotte Hornets head coach Steve Clifford is a huge fan of Vasilije Micic’s clutch play and guard skills (averaging 11.0 PPG/2.0 RPG/6.0 APG/52.0% FG/42.9% 3-PT/100% FT in his three games with the Hornets, which have all been wins).

(via Charlotte Hornets):

Reporter: “Does it surprise you with this many new guys that the ball movement has been there this quickly?”

Clifford: “Yeah, for sure. But I think that probably if you knew the players, which I didn’t either, you don’t know them until you have them. But you can emphasize move the ball; it’s all their basic intent in the way they’ve always played. I’m so sure if you went back through these guys whole careers, that’s how they’ve played. And Vasa, he knows how to finish a game, he’s done it three times now. You put the ball in his hands in the fourth, and you can tell he’s used to having the ball late. He knows where everybody is, he’s very poised, and his decision making has been just spot-on. That’s very hard to find, but he’s a two-time EuroLeague (Final Four) MVP, so he’s played under pressure in big moments. You put him in a pick-and-roll, now there’s a good chance somebody’s going to be open.”