Carmelo Anthony
Photo: Los Angeles Lakers/Twitter

In a recent podcast appearance, former NBA star Carmelo Anthony lauded the Oklahoma City Thunder as the “best-run organization” in the league, emphasizing their approach to player development and organizational culture.

During an episode of 7PM in Brooklyn with Carmelo Anthony & The Kid Mero, Anthony commended Thunder General Manager Sam Presti for his transparent communication and strategic player development initiatives.

Anthony highlighted the Thunder’s meticulous planning and clear expectations for player growth, noting Presti’s ability to outline individual goals and hold players accountable to achieve them.

Reflecting on his time with the Thunder, Anthony shared insights into the team’s evolution under Presti’s leadership, emphasizing the organization’s commitment to fostering a distinct team culture and identity.

“The NBA is thinking development,” Anthony stated during the podcast, per HoopsHype. “If you aren’t willing to take those steps to develop as a player, some teams in the NBA, they ain’t f*ing with you.”

Despite joining the Thunder when the team lacked a defined culture, Anthony noted Presti’s willingness to adapt and collaborate with players to establish a new ethos, characterized by innovation and authenticity.

“When I got there it was like, we’re going to bring some flair, we’re going to bring some swag to this OKC sh*t,” Anthony explained. “We’re not trying to be what was here before, we wanted to be different. And Sam understood that.”

“Sam is sneaky cool,” Anthony added, praising Presti’s genuine concern for player welfare and his dedication to prioritizing the best interests of the team and its members.

Under Presti’s stewardship, the Thunder have emerged as a formidable force in the NBA, boasting a competitive record and a strong presence in the Western Conference standings.

With 36 wins and 17 losses this season, the Thunder rank among the top teams in the league.