LeBron James
Photo: Los Angeles Lakers/YouTube

Conservative commentator Larry Elder has dismantled a narrative propagated by Los Angeles Lakers’ LeBron James, challenging the idea that “black people are afraid to leave their homes.”

Speaking on Timcast IRL, Elder presented statistics that contradicted James’ claim, stating, “LeBron James tweets that black people are afraid to leave their homes when, in fact, it is rare for a white person to kill a black person anytime.”

Elder delved into homicide statistics, revealing that interracial homicides are relatively rare, with about 750 occurrences annually. He emphasized that the majority of homicides are intra-racial, challenging the narrative that interracial violence is a widespread concern.

The political commentator continued his analysis, stating, “There’s about 20,000 homicides every year. Most homicide is same race homicide. Most blacks murdered are murdered by other blacks, most whites, who were murdered, were murdered by other whites. However, every year there’re roughly 750 interracial black-white homicides.”

He further highlighted that 500 white people are killed by blacks, even though blacks make up only 13% of the population, while 250 blacks are killed by whites, despite whites comprising 60% of the population.

Elder also addressed violent crimes between blacks and whites, revealing that approximately 600,000 instances occur annually. He stated, “85-90% is a black per white victim. Only 10% the other way around.”

“So if anybody has a grievance, it ought to be white people because the numbers overwhelmingly show that they are more likely to be victims of crime by black people,” Elder concluded.