Jalen Brunson and Julius Randle combined forces to score 60 points, guiding the New York Knicks (27-17) to a nail-biting 108-103 win against the Brooklyn Nets (17-26). This victory extends the Knicks’ winning streak to four games.

Entering the fourth quarter with a nine-point deficit, the Knicks showcased resilience, outscoring the Nets 32-18 in the final period.

Brunson’s performance, contributing 30 points, was instrumental in the Knicks’ comeback. Randle added 30 points, nine rebounds, and seven assists.

Mikal Bridges led the charge for the Nets with a 36-point performance. However, Brooklyn faced their second consecutive fourth-quarter collapse, blowing a double-digit lead.

Despite Cameron Johnson’s 19 points and Cam Thomas’ 14 off the bench, the Nets succumbed to the Knicks’ late-game surge.

With the victory, the Knicks extend their winning streak and solidify their competitive standing in the Eastern Conference.