Photo: New York Knicks/Twitter

The New York Knicks are facing a setback in their pursuit of a Disabled Player Exception (DPE) after center Mitchell Robinson’s ankle injury, initially believed to be season-ending.

Despite the severity of the setback, the NBA, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, has denied the Knicks a $7.8 million DPE. The league is optimistic about Robinson’s potential return from ankle surgery, anticipating his comeback in the latter part of the regular season.

This decision puts the Knicks in a unique position as they await the return of one of the league’s premier defensive centers.

Before the setback, Robinson had been a key contributor, averaging 6.2 points and an impressive 10.3 rebounds in 29.2 minutes per game.

The Knicks, now without the expected financial relief from the DPE, face challenges in managing their roster amid Robinson’s absence. The league’s belief in Robinson’s ability to return and contribute late in the regular season introduces a layer of optimism for the team and its fans.