Photo: Atlanta Hawks/X

Atlanta Hawks star Trae Young discussed the team’s multiple possible wins after Sunday’s 117-110 overtime road loss vs. the Orlando Magic.

(via atlhawksfans):

Reporter: “Despite that big third quarter from Orlando, you guys obviously made it a game in the fourth and you led the team with 11 points. What did you see offensively and how does that kind of say that your team is able to keep it a game by going that hard in the fourth?”

Young: “That’s been the nature of our team this year, we’ve had a lot of losses that could have easily been wins for us. It’s tough going through it, because it’s not easy. It comes down to a couple plays here and there that could have flipped the whole game for us. It’s frustrating whenever the tables don’t turn your way, we definitely put the work in. We put a lot of work in at what we do and we’re in the gym a lot, so it’s tough whenever the results don’t come the way you expect them to. But we keep fighting, like you said, we’re always in the game, we’re always giving ourselves a chance besides probably two games this year. So we’ve just got to keep it going and keep a positive mindset and understand that it’s a long race.”