When it comes to GOAT debates, it is usually between Michael Jordan and LeBron James. New York Knicks legend Earl “The Pearl” Monroe, who spoke with Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson of Bovada Casino while promoting promoting his basketball initiative in conjunction with his daughter, Maya Monroe, has a different pick.

Monroe expressed his belief that Wilt Chamberlain deserves the GOAT title, emphasizing, “Wilt STILL has records on the books, and he’s been playing since the 70’s. There’s nobody like Wilt, and I still think that, for me at least, he’s the greatest player EVER to play this game.” He highlighted how rules were altered to counter Chamberlain’s dominance, showcasing the uniqueness of his contributions to basketball history.

When asked about Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s omission from GOAT discussions, Monroe acknowledged the legacy of the all-time leading scorer but noted that public opinion may be influenced by early perceptions. Despite initial reservations, Monroe emphasized Kareem’s phenomenal skills, recounting an anecdote from his days playing against the Milwaukee Bucks in the championship.

Monroe shared an amusing story of Kareem’s confidence, predicting victory even when facing a 3-0 deficit. “When we win tomorrow, I’m going to go back to New York and celebrate!” he recalled Kareem saying. He also highlighted the moment when Kareem changed his name from Lew Alcindor to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, signifying a pivotal period in the iconic player’s career.