Photo: Oklahoma City Thunder

Oklahoma City Thunder head coach Mark Daigneault thinks that rookie guard Cason Wallace impacts the game in a number of different ways.

(via Oklahoma City Thunder):

Paris Lawson: “We’ve seen Cason go crash the glass really hard, come up with some really big boards, he had several of them the other night. I know it’s a matter of going, that’s part of it too, but does he have an element of timing or something that makes him so effective as one of the smaller guys out there on the floor?”

Daigneault: “I think so, he’s got a great nose for the ball. He’s just got really good basketball instincts, and I think sometimes when we think of basketball instincts we think of knowing where the ball should go with passes and stuff like that, people associate that with passing a lot; I think he just has great basketball instincts as it relates to the intangibles of the game: cutting, defensive positioning, anticipating the next rotation, nose for the ball. He’s got a lot of those types of instincts, which makes him a very impactful complete player.”