In a dazzling showcase of offensive prowess, the Milwaukee Bucks dominated the New York Knicks with a commanding 146-122 victory, securing their spot in the NBA’s inaugural In-Season Tournament semifinals.

Giannis Antetokounmpo, delivering a stellar performance with 35 points, and Damian Lillard, contributing 28 points, propelled the Bucks to a resounding triumph over the Knicks.

The victory sets the stage for an intense semifinal clash with the Indiana Pacers in Las Vegas.

Reflecting on the team’s journey in the tournament, Lillard expressed satisfaction with the Bucks’ evolving understanding of the competition.

“I think we learned what the tournament was about over time, and we played better and better over the course of it,” said Lillard in a postgame interview. “You wanna advance as far as possible.”

Lillard emphasized the significance of the tournament, highlighting the motivation behind the Bucks’ stellar performances.

“We’re playing for a lot of reasons, for a lot of our teammates, to be a part of this in-season tournament for the first time and try to go all the way,” he stated.

The Bucks’ triumph over the Knicks showcased their ability to elevate their game when it matters most. As they head into the semifinals, Lillard expressed excitement about the team playing its best basketball at this crucial juncture.

“I’m happy that we’re playing our best basketball going into it and we’re excited to get to Vegas,” he said.