Photo: YouTube

Rasheed Wallace, a former NBA star, points the finger at the Detroit Pistons, suggesting that the team, of which he was once a part, is responsible for Draymond Green’s perceived bully behavior.

Wallace asserted, “That’s our fault… [Draymond Green] grew up in [the 2004 Pistons] locker room. One of his best friends was the son of the GM, so he was around us… That’s why he doing the bully sh*t he doing now,” during an appearance on Gil’s Arena.

The claim implies that Green’s exposure to the Pistons’ culture during his formative years, particularly with close ties to the team’s personnel, contributed to the development of his aggressive on-court demeanor.

Green recently made headlines for an incident involving a chokehold on Minnesota Timberwolves center Rudy Gobert, resulting in a five-game suspension for the four-time NBA champion.