Photo: Los Angeles Clippers/X

The Los Angeles Clippers find themselves in a unique predicament after assembling a powerhouse roster, adding James Harden to their star ensemble alongside Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, and Russell Westbrook.

In the initial games following Harden’s acquisition from the Philadelphia 76ers, the Clippers faced challenges integrating their four prominent stars seamlessly.

The team suffered consecutive losses, prompting Westbrook to voluntarily transition to a bench role, recognizing the functional difficulties of having all four stars on the court simultaneously.

PJ Tucker, a seasoned veteran who joined the Clippers alongside Harden, offered a candid assessment of the situation, emphasizing the complexity of managing ball dominance among the high-caliber players.

In Tucker’s succinct words (h/t Sam Amick of The Athletic), “There’s not enough basketballs on the planet for this team, really,” as he articulated the inherent challenge of distributing playing time and shot opportunities among the talented quartet.