In a dazzling display of offensive prowess, the Miami Heat (11-8) staged a remarkable comeback, outscoring the Indiana Pacers (9-8) in a historic fourth quarter, sealing a thrilling 142-132 victory.

The hero of the night, Jimmy Butler, led the Heat with 36 points, complemented by an extraordinary 24-point contribution from rookie Jaime Jaquez Jr.

Miami’s 45 points in the fourth quarter marked a feat not witnessed since 1989, ranking second in team history. This astonishing offensive surge propelled the Heat to overcome a 13-point deficit early in the game, with the victory snapping a three-game losing streak.

Despite the Pacers’ Tyrese Haliburton delivering a career-high 44 points, including an exceptional 28 points in the first half, Miami’s relentless fourth-quarter performance proved insurmountable.

Haliburton’s efforts included an impressive 10 assists, making it the NBA’s first game with at least 44 points and 10 assists since Donovan Mitchell’s memorable performance in January.

Jimmy Butler’s 10 rebounds, coupled with contributions from Josh Richardson (19 points) and Duncan Robinson (16 points), played crucial roles in securing the victory.

As the Heat bask in the glory of their historic fourth-quarter performance, the Pacers are left to ponder their defensive struggles, ranking as the worst in the league this season, allowing 125.8 points per game.