Photo: New Orleans Pelicans/Twitter

The New Orleans Pelicans’ standout player Zion Williamson recently discussed with Mark Medina of SportsNaut how he has managed to overcome his injury history and maintain his presence on the court this season.

Despite not being utilized in back-to-back games, Williamson has participated in 15 out of 19 games so far.

He attributed his success to extensive recovery efforts and additional off-court measures aimed at keeping his body in excellent condition to minimize the risk of injuries.

Williamson acknowledged the significant support from the training staff in implementing these measures and emphasized the utilization of technology and equipment to optimize his overall well-being.

“A lot of recovery and a lot of extra things off the court in order to keep my body in great shape to lower the risk of injury,” Williamson said.

“The training staff has been a big help with that, and setting up things away from basketball. I’m making the most of the technology and equipment that we have.”