Photo: Detroit Pistons/Twitter

Detroit Pistons power forward Isaiah Stewart spoke about keeping the faith following Wednesday’s 133-107 home loss vs. the Los Angeles Lakers (15-game losing streak).

(via Bally Sports Detroit):

Reporter: “I think of all the players available on the roster, [Alec] Burks is the only one that’s played with…well [James] Wiseman too, that’s played with a winning team. You guys are a young group that has not won in this league yet, but to get out of this hole, how challenging has it been to try to dig yourselves out but you’re still trying to figure out what it takes to win in this league?”

Stewart: “It’s a challenge. I think this is probably the biggest challenge for all of us in our lives, most definitely it’s been the biggest challenge for me, but we just continue to chip away at it. Everything, it’s not going to happen overnight, but from being inside of it with the guys, practicing with the guys, you could just feel it, you could sense it. Obviously these losses hurt and sting, but the faith ain’t go nowhere. We’re not wavering or anything, so we’re just going to continue to chip away at it and keep showing up every single day and competing.”