Photo: Charlotte Hornets/X

Charlotte Hornets guard Terry Rozier doesn’t want the group to make excuses right now (LaMelo Ball & Nick Richards both out).

(via Roderick Boone/The Charlotte Observer):

“Obviously, it’s tough seeing my brother and our star player Melo go down. It’s kind of been our season for the last two years. And it’s something that we can’t control, being super healthy. But I’m just happy to be back with the guys and hopefully we will have everybody back real soon.”

“It’s devastating, but nobody else cares if you are not around,” Rozier said. “We still have to play these 82 games, no excuses. Like I said, nobody else cares. So, we’ve got to pick and do what we can, and win with what we’ve got until we get everyday back healthy. And then once we get everybody back healthy, we know what we are capable of.”