Photo: Die-Hard Chicago Bulls Fans/X

Chicago Bulls head coach Billy Donovan spoke about focusing on other areas besides made/missed shots after Friday’s 121-108 In-Season Tournament road loss vs. the Toronto Raptors (3-game losing streak/5-12 record).

(via Optimistic Bulls Fan):

“I think the only ones that are going to pull ourselves out of this is ourselves, and I think there needs to be…we’ve got to get desperate. That’s really what it comes down to, you have to be desperate the whole entire game. It’s obviously a very competitive league. There’s good players, good teams, good coaches. You’ve got to get desperate. I think there’s times we play with really, really a lot of desperation, which is great, and there’s some other times where we’ve got to be more consistent on doing those things. So it’s a matter that we have to get ourselves out of, we’re the only ones that can do it, and we’ve got to commit to doing that.

“We’ve got to look at things: Turnovers, offensive rebounding, transition, and fouling. We’ve got to be great in those areas as much as we can, and then you can eliminate missing and making shots, which no one has control over. I wish we would have shot the ball better, we haven’t, but I know those things we can control. There’s a mentality to that that we’ve got to get because, ultimately, as much as you can get frustrated missing or making shots; you’ve got to do the things that you have control over.”