Photo: Peter Baba

Philadelphia 76ers’ fiery point guard, Patrick Beverley, has unleashed a candid assessment of the struggling Washington Wizards, labeling them a “sh*tshow” amid their dismal start to the NBA season, boasting only two wins out of twelve.

In a recent episode of his podcast, Beverley minced no words, criticizing the Wizards’ performance and emphasizing the importance of experienced veterans in the team.

According to Beverley, the Wizards’ continuous string of losses indicates a need for seasoned players to provide leadership and stability.

“Sh*tshow. Sh*tshow. They lose a ton of games… You need good vets. Like you don’t do that. Like come on, y’all lock in,” Beverley said, via ClutchPoints.

The Wizards underwent significant changes in the offseason, ushering in a new era with a revamped front office. Notably, they bid farewell to longtime star Bradley Beal, opting for a trade that brought in Jordan Poole from the Golden State Warriors.

Despite the high expectations surrounding Poole’s arrival and his anticipated role as a key player alongside Kyle Kuzma, the reality has fallen short.

Poole’s contributions have been below par, averaging just 15.5 points, 2.5 rebounds, and 3.7 assists in nearly 29 minutes per game.

The candid remarks from Beverley not only highlight the Sixers player’s frankness but also draw attention to the challenges the Wizards face as they navigate through a transitional period with a restructured roster.