Photo: Indiana Pacers/X

Indiana Pacers center Myles Turner believes that Tyrese Haliburton has begun the season playing like a top NBA point guard (averaging 24.7 PPG/4.2 RPG/12.5 APG/1.1 SPG/52.8% FG/43.6% 3-PT/93.2% FT through ten games).

(via Indiana Pacers):

Reporter: “What have you thought about what Ty’s done…these stats these last couple games to push you guys forward?”

Turner: “I’m not surprised by any means. I think this is the type of player Ty is. I think that he’s been able to start the season asserting himself as opposed to being a surprise that he was last year in a sense. So he’s the best point guard in the East, arguably the best point guard in the NBA, and the numbers show.”