Photo: Boston Celtics/Twitter

The participation of Boston Celtics’ wing, Jaylen Brown, in Sunday’s game against the Memphis Grizzlies is uncertain as he is dealing with a right adductor strain. Brown sustained the injury when he slipped on the court during Friday night’s game on the In-Season Tournament court in Toronto.

It’s worth noting that Brown wasn’t the sole player to experience slips on the court during the game. In a postgame statement, Brown expressed that some improvements are needed for certain courts.

“I slipped. That’s it. I slipped,” Brown said. “I think I might have strained my groin a little bit. We’ll see how it feels, but the court was just slippery all game. I think as players we’re all here for the In-Season Tournament because it’s going to generate revenue, excitement, competition but we’ve got to make sure the floor is safe to play on.

“We can’t put our player out here and risk their health. Tonight, I thought the floor was unacceptable. I think guys were slipping all over the place, not just me.”