Photo: Matt Slocum/AP

Seton Hall’s men’s basketball team has had a strong 4-0 start, but the noteworthy incident for casual fans occurred post one of their victories. Following Saturday’s 72-51 triumph over Wagner at the Prudential Center, a postgame handshake between head coaches turned into an unpleasant dispute.

Shaheen Holloway, Seton Hall’s coach, and Donald Copeland, Wagner’s coach, who are both former Seton Hall guards, initially shook hands but soon engaged in a heated argument. Holloway, visibly upset, pulled away, and assistant coaches intervened to prevent the situation from escalating.

The disagreement reportedly stemmed from a foul committed by Wagner’s Tahron Allen with 37 seconds remaining, as Seton Hall attempted to run out the clock while leading by 19 points. After the brief altercation, both coaches publicly apologized for the incident.