Photo: Sixers Wire/X

Philadelphia 76ers head coach Nick Nurse believes that the key to success for this group is having everyone involved.

(via The 3 Point Conversion):

Reporter: “With the composure thing, is that one of those things that you looked at when you took the job and said I want us to play a certain way to be able to establish that level of consistency so that maybe it will carry into stressful playoff situations?”

Nurse: “I think my thought when I saw the team as it is now is that we needed to have a lot of different people involved. We needed more than a one-man game or a two-man game. We need this production from Tobias, Kelly, Melt, and Nic Batum, just need everybody involved. And I think that we’re getting to a point where we’re recognizing our spacing and our next actions as we keep seeing things and as we keep working on them, and that’s why everybody’s involved. You’re going to have to put two people on Joel, you’re going to have to put two people on Tyrese. It’s not designed to go anywhere specific, but it’s designed to go to the right play, and that gets everybody involved.”