Photo: Spectrum SportsNet/X screenshot

The Sacramento Kings clinched a thrilling 132-127 victory in overtime against the Los Angeles Lakers, casting a shadow over the celebration of LeBron James’ 20th NBA anniversary debut in the city.

The Kings’ resilience and timely execution, particularly Malik Monk’s standout performance in overtime, secured the win in a closely contested game.

De’Aaron Fox’s exceptional display, contributing 37 points and eight assists after recovering from an ankle injury, played a pivotal role in the Kings’ success, while Domantas Sabonis’ commendable efforts with 12 points and 15 rebounds significantly bolstered the team’s performance.

Despite a strong individual performance by Anthony Davis, who delivered 30 points and 16 rebounds for the Lakers, the team encountered difficulties finding their offensive rhythm, grappling with a 39.5% shooting rate in the initial half and grappling with 12 turnovers.

In the postgame press conference, Lakers head coach Darvin Ham acknowledged the Kings’ depth and emphasized the need for the team to learn and grow from the defeat.

“They have a deep roster,” he said. “They made some timely shots, got some timely offensive rebounds. We had some looks, great looks. We take them every day in the week and twice on Sunday that we couldn’t get quite to get down.

“But at the end of the day early in the season that’s what this things is about. You look at different ways you can be better with. We did a lot of great things out there tonight. Definitely some things we need to work on, some things I need to tighten up,” Ham remarked.

“At the end of the day, hats off to them. They’re a hell of a ball club, but so are we. They edged us out tonight. We’ll learn from it, we’ll grow.”