In an unforgettable debut for the Boston Celtics, Kristaps Porzingis made a statement at Madison Square Garden, the home of his former team the New York Knicks.

The Latvian forward scored an impressive 30 points, grabbed 8 rebounds, and recorded 4 blocks during his 38 minutes on the court, leading the Celtics to a hard-fought 108-104 victory.

Porzingis’s remarkable performance set a new record for the most points scored by a debuting Celtics player, making his arrival in Boston all the more memorable.

After the game, Porzingis shared his thoughts on the thrilling victory, saying, “Felt great, felt great. Honestly, I was happy about the first quarter, I just didn’t feel great at first. But I was happy about the first quarter; we started off really well as a team.

“And then the game changes. Then later in game, I had opportunities and worked back into the game, made free throws and made some shots and that’s it.

“I love the way we played. I love the way we stayed in the game throughout all the tough moments, and I’m excited about what’s coming ahead of us.”

With Porzingis’s outstanding debut, Celtics fans have reason to be optimistic about the season ahead, as the team aims for success with their new Latvian star.