Photo: AS Monaco Basket

Eurohoops recently had a chat with Jordan Loyd, a teammate of Mike James.

Loyd expressed the idea that Team USA might want to give more thought to including EuroLeague players, especially in light of their less-than-stellar performance in the recent World Cup.

“Well, in the Olympics, I think always the big players will play, so that will never be really an option,” Mike James said. “Obviously that’s the biggest tournament.

“So then, in the smaller tournaments, I think, yeah. Why not? Americans who play over here, we know everybody, we play against everybody.

“I think we obviously have the skill set to play and I think, sometimes you gotta take some chances and just, give us a shot, but I mean, do I ever think they’ll do it? No. And do I think they’ll ever consider it? No. But it would be fun to explore it.”