Dante Exum Australia
Photo: FIBA Basketball

When looking back on his tenure with FC Barcelona, the Dallas Mavericks guard Dante Exum recognized the distinctive nature of entering mid-season on a three-month contract.

Yet, the pivotal moment in Exum’s European venture occurred when he made the transition to Partizan, a choice he considers crucial to his NBA comeback.

In contrast to his mid-season entry in Catalonia, Partizan afforded Exum the opportunity for a complete season, enabling him to display his skills and establish his player identity.

“Barca was very good for me. Although actually, my time at Partizan was better,” Exum said. “When I arrived at Barcelona, I did it in the middle of the season. I was trying to find myself, [with] a trial contract… In my first week, I went straight to playing and debuted against Real Madrid.

“The first three days, there were many things. I was looking for how to fit in and find my role in the team. They had been together since the preseason and some in the third season of the project,” he added.

“So going to Partizan later allowed me to have a whole season, show where I am and who I am. I need to thank Partizan that I am back here [in the NBA].”