Photo: Washington Wizards/Twitter

Wizards newcomer Jordan Poole expressed his gratitude for NBA legend Kevin Garnett’s recent comparison, dubbing him the ‘new James Harden’ in the league.

The 24-year-old shooting guard acknowledged the significance of Garnett’s praise and expressed his admiration for the former NBA star’s dominant playing style and passion on the court.

“Shoutout K.G. Shoutout Big Ticket,” Poole said with a big smile, via Chase Hughes of Monumental Sports Network. “I think it’s so fire, so fire…

“I remember watching K.G., right? I remember watching K.G. growing up. Him just being the dominant player and the person he was, just how passionate he is. To hear him say that, it’s just dope just because it shows he obviously believes in the talent I have.”

With Garnett’s comparison drawing attention to Poole’s potential and talent, the young guard acknowledged the parallels between his current situation in Washington and Harden’s early years in Houston.

Poole highlighted the support and trust he receives from his teammates, coaches, and the organization, emphasizing the enabling environment that facilitates his freedom to play his game on the court.

“I feel like he did it in a really good way. The team was behind him, the organization was behind him, the coaches were behind him. That gave him the trust and the confidence to go be him and be himself. That’s what is going on over here,” Poole said.

“Coach Wes is allowing me to be aggressive, play my game, so are my teammates. I feel like I studied enough to go about this properly and it will be cool to see how it plays out.”