NBA legend Kevin Garnett is placing high hopes on Jordan Poole, the former Warriors guard recently traded to the Wizards.

Drawing parallels between Poole’s move and James Harden’s transition from the Thunder to the Rockets, Garnett envisions a bright future for the young talent.

Garnett believes that Poole’s relocation to Washington will be a game-changer, freeing him to showcase his skills, which were somewhat overshadowed in Golden State by the presence of stars like Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson.

The legendary figure is also enthusiastic about the potential of the new Wizards duo, featuring Poole and Kyle Kuzma. In a bold prediction, Garnett anticipates Poole achieving multiple 60-point games in the upcoming season.

In Garnett’s own words, “Jordan Poole is the new James Harden. Remember when James Harden left OKC and got to God damn Houston and got right at it? Man, this the Jordan Poole show…

“This little duo is the new duo in the league. Not only do these two have that showmanship in them, I think Jordan Poole feels like he’s been held back. And that’s how I thought James Harden felt when he came out of OKC…

“I look for Jordan Poole to be top five in scoring this year. And if he don’t shoot more than 25 balls, I’ll be shocked. And if he don’t have not one, but a couple of 60 balls this year, I will be shocked.”